About Us

Our Mission

We are supporting Ukrainians in every way we can. From the patriots on the front lines to civilians who have lost everything in this senseless war, Ukrainians are in dire need of foreign aid of every sort. Millions have been wounded, displaced, or trapped in their homes while infrastructure is destroyed and supply lines are cut. The elderly and disabled are unable to evacuate and have no means to obtain basic necessities like food, medicine, and clean drinking water. Our grassroots organization is determined to fill gaps in government aid by sending everything from first aid supplies, medication, food, clothing, sleeping bags, rain coats, cell phones, radios, and anything else our friends in Ukraine request. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible, and to help rebuild the beautiful nation of Ukraine when this war is over.

2022 Russian Invasion

  • On Feb. 24th, 2022, Russian armed forces invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine without provocation or justification. 
  • This is a blatant violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and a number of other treaties that the Russian Federation had agreed to.
  • Over two million Ukrainians have been forced to abandon their homes and flee to neighboring European countries. 
  • Nearly 80,000 have returned to fight after evacuating their families.


  • 1991: Ukraine declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
  • 1994: Budapest Memorandum is signed by Ukraine, Russia, United States, and Great Britain. In exchange for Ukraine’s nuclear stockpile,  Ukraine is guaranteed its independence, sovereignty, and security of existing borders.   
  • 2014: Maidan Revolution ousts the corrupt president Viktor Yanukovych after his attempts to change Ukraine’s Constitution. Over 100 protesters are killed, Yanukovych flees to Moscow, free and open elections are held.
  • 2014: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation occupy Crimea and move into the new “breakaway regions” of Luhansk and Donetsk.  
  • 2022: Russian Federation begins full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainians On The Front Lines

No one foresaw this many civilians volunteering their lives to protect their homeland against the oppressive Russian regime. Although exact figures are hard to come by, we know that there are so many volunteers that citizen defense militias have run out of rifles. Ukrainian combat veterans are training volunteers ranging from teenagers to the elderly who still have memories of Nazi occupation. Ukrainian men and women on the front ask only for the resources to help them continue fighting for their country and their freedom.

What Are We Supplying?

Our first and foremost priority is medical supplies. Antibiotics, tourniquets, gauze, painkillers, trauma shears, etc. will be needed as long as the war continues. 
With your help, we will also be able to deliver:
  • MREs and other rations, sleeping bags, radios, phones and chargers, and toiletries.
  • Vehicles to deliver supplies, evacuate civilians and wounded fighters.
  • Dog and cat food for the animal shelters that have been established since the Russian assault began. Several have already been bombed and pet supplies are not the priority of any government agency that might step in to help. 
  • Various other items that you and I can purchase in any grocery store that can no longer be found in urban war zones (such as tampons and batteries). As our contacts on the front tell us about their needs, we strive to send the items they request as quickly as possible. 

How Are We Supplying These Items?

  • Medication (antibiotics, painkillers, multivitamins) will be purchased in Europe and delivered to the border. 
  • Other medical supplies (tourniquets, gauze, trauma shears) will be purchased in the US and flown to the Polish border.
  • Donations will be used to purchase vehicles in neighboring countries, which will then be driven into Ukraine.
  • Currently we are personally flying everything into Europe ourselves. We use a small but trusted network to ensure that the supplies are delivered where they are needed most. Once we are able to establish a larger network, we will use those channels to deliver supplies in high volume.

Why Don’t We Just Give To An Existing Charity?

  • As native Ukrainiains, we cannot in good conscience sit and watch our homeland get destroyed by invaders. 
  • We have friends and family in Ukraine who can’t evacuate. Any support we can give to the Ukrainian civilians benefits them. 
  • We believe that support from non-governmental grassroots organizations such as ours will give Ukrainians the best possible chance at reclaiming their country. 
  • The response has already been overwhelming. People from all over the world are asking how they can help. Instead of directing them to a third party, we will create a channel by which their money is used exclusively for the most urgent needs.
  • All members are volunteers and collect no salary, all funds go to help Ukraine